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Colon Hydrotherapy Packages

  • Mild

  • $85

  • Consultation
  • 1 x 1 hr colonic session
  • Oral Probiotic
  • No Additives
  • Moderate

  • $240

  • Consultation
  • 3 x 1 hr colonic session
  • Oral Probiotic
  • 1 Additive of your choice
  • Intensive

  • $450

  • Consultation
  • 6 x 1 hr colonic session
  • Oral Probiotic
  • 4 Additives of your choice
  • Additives

  • $20/each

  • no Rectal Probiotics
  • no Organic Green Coffee
  • no Salt Water
  • no Wheatgrass
  • no E3 Live
  • no Clorella
  • no Chlorophyll
  • no Hydrogyn Poroxide (H2O2)
  • no Ozone

Colon Hydrotherapy: Fact & Fiction

During the Colon Hydrotherapy session, live wheatgrass juice can be introduced into the colon to further support the Colon Cleansing process and maximize the overall cleansing therapy. In addition, a specific type of coffee can be implanted into the colon during the Colonic Hydrotherapy session causing the liver to release and to stimulate the colon cleanse. We also use massage techniques to relax the abdominal muscles to ensure that all harmful products are irrigated for a thorough colon cleanse. Friendly life supporting bacteria can be implanted at the end of the Colon Hydrotherapy session to further support the effects of the Colon Cleanse.


Cleansing Diet, Juicers and Colon Therapy in Vancouver

If you are looking for a healthy diet in conjunction with colon cleansing therapy in Vancouver, BC, you’ve come to the right place!

At Inner Garden health, our unique programs are based on Ann Wigmore and David Wolfs’ practices to create sustainable health.

We attended the Optimum Health Institute, an educational facility in San Diego, CA and learned that the body naturally heals itself when you feed it with raw diet and live foods. So we started growing wheatgrass, living diet therapy and I became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Introducing raw and live juices into your body causes toxins to be released from the cells and Colon hydrotherapy supports the colon to cleanse and release this toxicity.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath that helps deep cleanse the colon of toxins thereby encouraging the entire body to detoxify and return to a more normal, healthy state of well-being.


Organic vegetables and fruits is the key to giving you a radiant, energetic life, and truly optimal health.

Cleansing Diet

Inner Garden’s organic microgreens are a living food, delivered to your kitchen still growing in trays, with all the flavor, nutrients and vitality intact.

Online Booking System

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Organic Coffee Enemas

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Coffee enemas enhance the elimination of toxins by increasing the flow of bile, which carries toxins out of the liver through the gall bladder.

How does the coffee enema work?


Wow, first treatment and I feel some relief!!! I have had this procedure a few years ago and never had these result so fast! Susan is very professional, easy to talk to, she make you feel relaxed and comfortable, she has great advise and options to help you get back on track.

Since I began colon hydrotherapy with you I have lost ten pounds in one month while maintaining healthy eating habits during my 14 day detox. I have more energy, sleep through the night, and feel good about the food choices I've made. Meeting with you really created an awareness of the foods I was putting into my body.

Carol - #